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What to Expect in the Process

First we will come out to photograph the project, take measurements, and to discuss your vision of what you are wanting in your remodel design. Based on the information gathered, we will create a more specific quote for your remodel. 

We will then send this to you for review. Please ask as many questions as you would like in this process. Once you decide to proceed, we will send a contract with the quoted price and the scheduled date for your review through Adobe Sign, an online signing software. 

Our quotes can include material estimates or can only be for labor. Some people really like to find and order their own materials (with our guidance on size, etc) and some people are very hands-off and want us to handle everything and just make it look great. We offer both options to meet each individual's needs. 

Throughout the process, you can contact our project manager, Kari Magno-Perez through email or text during business hours. She is the main designer and handles material purchasing and color coordination and most business prior to the project start date. Our site manager, Ruben is also on site almost daily and can answer any questions during the project.

If we are purchasing materials, we will ask for a deposit to cover the material costs. We will then ask for a labor payment at/around 50% completion, and the final payment at completion. Payment options include check, credit/debit card (3.5% upcharge), or physical cash. Yes, cash. And we offer a 3% cash payment discount. We offer this because many of our suppliers charge us for a credit card processing fee, and when we can pay cash to them, we pass on the discount. We also have the convenience of not having checks held at the bank for their processing period and the convenience of not having to spend time in line for a bank teller, or waiting for the credit cards to be processed. We give immediate receipts for payments through our invoice software, so there is immediate record of payments either way. Whichever payment choice you make is entirely up to you. 

Almost always, with some exceptions, our start dates are tentative. We do not like to start projects and jump from one house to another, just to show up on the projected start date. Instead, we give an estimated date of start and will keep you in the loop on the exact date. We will finish the remodel in line before yours before starting a new project. Why do we do this? Your satisfaction. When we are juggling multiple projects, our focus is split. We want your remodel to be done accurately, but in as little time as possible so your bathroom or kitchen or whatever the project is can be up and running and functional as soon as possible. Does this mean we will be there the entire day each day of the project? Mostly yes, but depending on the scope, we may be there for part days and leave. This is mostly significant for projects with drywall mudding and tiling where the mud needs to dry before further steps or the mortar for the tiles needs to finish setting. However, we will not jump around unnecessarily to different jobs, and your remodel will be our focus until it's completed. 

When the remodel is completed, we will clean up everything in our project scope and walk through the project with you. If there are any touchups needed, we will schedule a return for final touchups as your schedule allows. 

Sometimes there are small items that need touchups that are identified weeks later. No problem, we still come back to perfect it. Sometimes there's a small water leak that shows up 6 months after a faucet wears the seal some. No problem, we still come back to perfect it. We stand by our work.

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