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Bathroom Remodel Costs

When looking where to start with updating a house, it is always recommended to start with the bathroom or the kitchen. These are the  rooms in the house that "wow" guests. However, that's not the only reason to start there. When looking at house values, an updated bathroom returns more investment than other renovations and an un-updated bathroom is many times a prohibition from selling a house when looking to resell. Tiling a beautiful walk-in shower or a low threshold shower is a sure way to add value to your home. 

Bathroom remodel material and bathroom remodel labor costs can be seen below as a guide before you schedule our services. 

Check out our section with materials we've used that customers like!


Bathroom Material Estimates

Shower Door                                                               $600-1300

  • Pivot door vs sliding door

  • Clear glass vs Frosted

  • Soft-close features

  • Metal color: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Bronze, Matte Black


Vanity                                                                          $500-3,000

  • Colors: white, wood color, black, grey

  • Pegged feet or closed front (no space between vanity and the floor)

  • Quartz/Stone top or manufactured stone

    • Highly recommend Stone top

  • Double or Single Sink (Double sink is more expensive and more expensive to install)


Shower Faucet and Valve                                           $200-500+

  • Highly recommend Delta

  • Shower panels are cool too!

  • Single or Double water spout

  • Detachable water faucet


Vanity Faucet                                                              $120-250 per faucet

  • Highly recommend Delta


Toilet                                                                           $250-350+

  • Standard Height vs comfort height

    • Comfort height is better for elderly as it is easier to get up and down. It is higher height and is typically what is found in a handicapped stall in public bathrooms

    • Standard height is more child-friendly

  • Floor mount or wall-hung (wall-hung is typically more expensive)

  • Skirted or non-skirted

    • Skirted are flat on the sides of the base to allow easier cleaning


Baseboards                                                                 ~$150


Towel Rods and TP Holders                                        $80-150


Shower Base and Drain                                              $800


Shower Bench                                                             $150-250 (without tile material)


Shower Niche                                                              $135 per niche (without tile material)


Flooring                                                                       ~$250 (depending on bathroom size)

  • Tile vs Floating Vinyl Tile

    • Tile is more susceptible to chipping and cracking

    • Tile is more expensive to install

    • Vinyl is completely waterproof and very resistant to staining, scratching, or damage


Tiles (if tiling shower/tub)                              $500-1500 (range widely varies with tile selection)

  • Subway tiles are much cheaper but are more expensive to install

  • Mosaic tiles ($$$) and changing tile styles between floor and wall and niche costs more due to waste from cuts


Grout                                                                           ~$90


Paint                                                                            ~$150

  • Ceiling, Trim, and wall colors different paint types

    • If drywall work is done, priming will be necessary as well


Vanity Light                                                              $100-250/light


Bathroom Fan/Light                                                   $130-250

  • Homewerks brand is our standard used fan, but are happy to install others

  • Styles have options with motion/humidity sensor to turn off/on automatically, Bluetooth speaker, LED lights, night mode light, etc. 


Bathroom Mirror                                                        $90-300


MIsc. Material Costs                                                   ~$500

  • Plumbing moves

  • Update water shut off valves and water lines

  • Toilet seals or seats if it doesn’t come with the toilet you choose

  • Silicone for sealing shower and vanity items

  • Updated electric outlets, light switches, ect

  • Additional lighting, if desired: can-less lights, ect. 

Total costs: $4,700-9,500+ for materials alone

As you can see, the material ranges can be very significant. I would say a comfortable budget would be to expect $5500 in material costs knowing this is not picking the cheapest items, but not picking the most expensive items either. 

Bathroom Remodel Labor Costs

There are many different ideas of how contractors calculate labor and costs. Family Home Improvements works diligently to keep costs down for our clients and many times, we offer services as a set and do not itemize each task performed. We guarantee our work and will continue to come back until the job is done correctly. Many times, we are brought in to a house to fix what the "cheaper contractor" messed up or didn't finish. Please note these are estimates to give a reference before asking for a specific quote. These are all-inclusive labor for all electrical, plumbing, and finishing work (excluding exigent circumstances or issues we were not aware of prior to beginning work).

For a bathroom where no plumbing is being moved, only updating the bathroom items in the same location and same size, without tiling, this is a basic remodel and would take around 3-4 days to complete.


For a tiled shower and floor in a bathroom without any plumbing moves or minor plumbing moves, it would take about 8-10 working days to complete. 


**For a completely curbless shower, the cost increases around $2500+ 

-plumbing moves can range from $500-1500+ depending on the distance, number of moves, and complexity involved

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