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Kitchen Remodel Costs

Kitchen remodel material and kitchen remodel labor costs can be seen below as a guide before you schedule our services. 

Kitchen Material Estimates

Kitchen Cabinet Costs                                         $4,500-6,000

  • Kitchen Kompact cabinet

  • The cost above is assuming costs with Kitchen Kompact cabinets, an Indiana based company


    • We also can use scratch and dent cabinets at a discounted rate (when available) where there are no visual defects on the front of the cabinets and aren't visible when installed​​

  • We can use other cabinet brands as our client requests and costs will be subject to their pricing


  • Laminate Countertop                                  ~$25/linear foot

  • Quartz Countertop                                        ~$1200-2000 if all countertop fits in one slab size

    • For all quartz countertop, we charge material cost per stone slab needed​

Flooring                                                                       ~$800 (depending on kitchen size)

  • Stone or Porcelain Tile vs Floating Rigid Core Vinyl Tile

    • Tile is more susceptible to chipping and cracking

    • Tile is more expensive to install

    • Vinyl is completely waterproof and very resistant to staining, scratching, or damage

    • Rigid core vinyl tile is often better than tile in high-traffic areas and is almost identical to actual tile

    • Vinyl Tile can be installed in less than a day and is cheaper labor for installation


Tiles (if tiling backsplash)                              $200-800 (range widely varies with tile selection)​

Grout                                                                           ~$50


Paint                                                                            ~$250

  • Ceiling, Trim, and wall colors different paint types

    • If drywall work is done, priming will be necessary as well


Kitchen Lighting                                                              $100-1500

Kitchen Sink and Faucet                                       $600-1200

  • If selecting a farmhouse sink, additional costs are added for a customized cabinet and support for the sink

Appliances                                                       $3,700-8600+

  • Stove      $1200-2500+

  • Dishwasher     $600-1000

  • Stove Hood      $400-800

  • Microwave        $300-800

  • Refrigerator     $1200-3500+

MIsc. Material Costs                                                   ~$500

  • Plumbing moves

  • Cabinet pulls/handles

  • Update water shut off valves and water lines

  • Silicone for sealing sink and countertops 

  • Updated electric outlets, light switches, ect

  • Additional lighting, if desired: can-less lights, ect. 

Total costs: $11,350-22,700+** for materials alone ($7650-$14,100 excluding appliances)

**This cost includes all new appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, etc. 

As you can see, the material ranges can be very significant. I would say a comfortable budget would be to expect $13,000 in material costs knowing this is not picking the cheapest items, but not picking the most expensive items either. 

Kitchen Remodel Labor Costs

There are many different ideas of how contractors calculate labor and costs. Family Home Improvements works diligently to keep costs down for our clients and many times, we offer services as a set and do not itemize each task performed. We guarantee our work and will continue to come back until the job is done correctly. Many times, we are brought in to a house to fix what the "cheaper contractor" messed up or didn't finish. Please note these are estimates to give a reference before asking for a specific quote. These are all-inclusive labor for all demolition, electrical, plumbing, and finishing work (excluding exigent circumstances or issues we were not aware of prior to beginning work).

For labor, kitchen remodel costs are ~$10,000* -17,000 and takes around 5-10 business days to complete. Tiling is more time-consuming and puts restrictions on other items to be worked on and installed, which greatly impacts the price of labor and the project completion time. If no drywall work is needed and there are no plumbing and/or electrical moves needed, costs may be much lower.

*assuming quartz countertop

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