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Services We Do

At Family Home Improvements, we take on many different projects. Clients love that we are able to complete the entire remodel process instead of needing to have to work with different companies. We specialize in custom tiled showers and entire bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels with modern designs and quartz countertops, and finishing out unfinished spaces to give people the additional square feet in their home to meet their family's needs. We also provide other services:

Customized tiling, shower installation, bathtub installation, Complete Bathroom remodel, Customized Kitchen remodel, stone countertop installation, Luxury Vinyl Plank installation, shower tiling, interior and exterior painting, cabinet installation, Finishing an unfinished space (bathroom, garage, etc.), Drywall installation and drywall repair, wall framing, deck installation, fence installation, individual window installations, additions to home, and much more!

By all means, if there's something not listed that you're looking for, it does not hurt to ask :)

We have subcontractors that do multiple window installations, and carpet installation as needed.

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