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Bathroom Renovation

Renovations in a Recession: Things to Consider

With the economy slowing down, many people ask whether the investment in remodeling a bathroom is the right thing to do. With our experience, the answer to this question is yes, especially when looking at renovations and remodels that increase house value. The house market is moving towards a buyer's market, which means a seller will need more curb appeal for buyers. What is the best way to "wow" a buyer? A walk-in tiled shower and a modern bathroom. When looking at ways to save on a bathroom remodel, we suggest choosing to do DIY painting and still make the investment in tiling rather than getting a pre-fabricated shower installed. We recommend for each house to upgrade at least one bathroom (preferably the master bathroom) and the kitchen to keep the "wow" factor and to see the return on your remodeling investments.

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